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Professor Angus Dalgleish “mRNA Vaccines Must Be Banned Once and For All”

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Video Transcript

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Well, a very warm welcome to this talk and a happy, reflective, and contemplative Good Friday.

Now, as you’ll see, we’re still running on somewhat limited technology. We’re actually working in Australia with Professor Robert Clancy and more to come on that over the next few days, hopefully, but interesting developments.

Now, I’ve been talking to Professor Angus Dalgleish. Now, with Professor Clancy, Professor Dalgleish has been one of the clearer thinking Minds on this pandemic and I was just talking to Angus recently on the phone, and we’ve agreed to do an interview on this topic when I get home, but there’s something I want to bring to your attention, and it’s an article, again, this is fully referenced.

I’m going to give it all to you, it’s by Angus Dalgleish, a professor of oncology, one of the most senior physicians in the country actually, and he’s written this article mRNA vaccines must be banned once and for all in the opinion of Professor Dalgleish.

Now let’s see what his rationale for this is and see if it makes sense. Now, um, he says this and we reported on this in some detail at the time and recorded a video with Professor Dalgleish on this at the end of last year.

I reported he was saying, melanoma patients, that’s skin cancer but of course it spreads all over the body, melanoma can kill you quickly. I’ve seen patients die from melanoma in months, not years, but Professor Dalgleish has been keeping his patients alive for 5 years, 10 years, 15, 20 years, which I believe is quite remarkable success in oncology.

So at the end of last year professor Dalgleish said he was seeing more melanoma reactivation, seeing melanoma patients who have been stable for years relapse after their first booster, that’s the third injection, and he also says in this article which I’m going to give you the reference for the number of my patients affected has been rising ever since.

So stable melanoma patients’ cancers reactivated after the booster. Now if Professor Dalgleish says this should be taken seriously and all we need to say there’s no problem here is for the regulatory authorities to stand up and say Professor Dalgleish is wrong there is no reactivation of melanoma after booster doses of vaccine, clear the decks then we know where we stand.

So far, I haven’t heard them say that, so other oncologists have contacted me from all around the world including Australia and the United States. Being one of the leading oncologists in the world, Professor Dalgleish has international networks and has been contacted by colleagues from Australia and the United States. After booster doses, these colleagues are reporting more lymphomas. Lymphoma is a potentially deadly cancer of the lymphatic system, including Hodgkins and non-Hodgkins lymphoma. More lymphomas are being reported to Professor Dalgleish, along with more leukemias, a group of cancers that affect the blood, more kidney cancers are being reported as well.  Then Professor Dalgleish says this, “my Colon rectal cancer colleagues reporting an epidemic of explosive cancers”, explosive cancers doesn’t sound good those pertain to those presenting with multiple metastatic Lymphomas and elsewhere.

So what very often happens is a cancer will begin in the colon and then it then spreads to the liver and of course ideally would pick it up when it’s still just in the colon and be able to react it gets rid of it treat it hopefully just with colonoscopy but if it’s already spread to the liver the prognosis is very gloomy indeed.

If Professor Dalgleish is saying this again all it needs is the regulatory authority to stand up and say you know what, we’ve looked at this there is no increase in lymphoma, there is no increase in leukemia, there is no increase in kidney cancer, there is no increase in Colon rectal cancer and if there is, it’s certainly not attributable to covid vaccines.  Just stand up say that, be clear, I mean if it was me saying this and of course they could reasonably ignore me, but this is not me saying it, this is one of the world’s leading oncologists saying this and it’s a question that should be answered if there’s no problem here, say there’s no problem clear it up we’ll all go home and we’ll start thinking about infectious diseases and other problems around the world of which there are many.

So there we are uh more reactivations of melanoma, potential lymphomas, leukemia, kidney cancer, colon rectal cancers, often presenting at a late stage please regulator authorities dismiss this say it’s rubbish and and reduce my anxiety levels.

Now Professor Dalgleish has got a good track record he knew from the beginning that SARS Corona virus 2 contained inserts indicating potential laboratory manipulation, he said right from the start the vaccine didn’t stay at the site of injection, he said right from the start there was batch variability and these alarms were brushed off by regulators and of course now we know that many of them have been substantiated by thorough scientific evidence.

He also talked about DNA contamination now why are so many cancers occurring now ? Professor Dalgleish does address this T,-cell suppression was his first likely explanation.  So the T- cells the immune lymphocytes recognize cancer, kill it at an early stage.  Now he says this however, we must also now consider DNA plasmid polyomavirus simian virus 40(SV40) integration in promoting cancer development so what we need now is a regulatory authorities to stand up and say you know what there is no DNA contamination of the vaccines.  Well they’re not saying it I don’t think they’ll say that because we know there are ones that are made from Ecoli preparations at least, which is all of them I think being sold at the moment so stand up and say you know what there’s no SV40 here this promoter of the answer is simply not there you’re worrying about nothing, then I’ll go phew thank goodness for that sorry I thought we might have had a problem there, that’s all they have to say MHA FDA just stand up and say that please and then we can forget about this.

So there we go reports that mRNA Spike protein bind to P53 another cancer suppressor genes is another possibility.  Now what we have here is we have genes which suppress cancer they reduce the the mitotic rate of the cell division gene rate.  They’re called cancer suppressor genes or onco supressor genes there’s also oncogenes which can promote cancers which increase cell division but Professor Dagleish is concerned that the MRNA Spike protein binds to cancer suppressor genes and stops them working properly.  That’s his fear now again, Regulators just say no you know what mRNA vaccine Spike protein doesn’t bind to P53 or other cancer suppressor genes forget about it there’s no problem here, but this is a question that should be answered.

Professor Dalgleish says this to advise booster doses as is currently the case is no more and no less than medical incompetence depending on the country you’re in.   Of course no ifs or buts any longer the MRNA vaccines must be halted and banned now unless the regulatory authorities want to say look there’s no problem here, Professor Dalgleish is wrong then we’ll all go home and forget about it.  Until that point I am concerned and on the comments we’re getting so many cancers especially in younger people, I’m not going to name individuals but we all know that this is in the news at the moment.

Now just before we finish Eurostat the European statistics agency circulatory disease and Cancers accounted for 54% of all you European EU European Union deaths in 2021 of course people sadly die so in 2021 there are 5.3 million deaths in the European Union circulatory disease is 1.7 million, cancer 1 .4 million, they were the most two common and of course we know that circulatory diseases have been increasing quite dramatically at least in England as of late heart failure especially rapidly ncreasing or very high in incidence.  Then other things respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal diseases all listed of course.   Now Eurostat in 2022 reported a lot of excess deaths April it was 12% more than normal, May it was 7% more than normal, June it was 7% more than norma,l July it was 16% more than normal.  We know this continued into 2023 now 2024 we’ve actually got the data for January Eurostat data overall for the European Union it was 3.6% deaths more than we would expect above baseline but it does say this in January 2024 the highest excess mortality rates were in the Netherlands 15.3%,  Denmark 11.5%  and Germany 9.9%.   Now it does say in January 2024 excess mortality continued to vary. 

So which countries do you think had lower values?  Romania, Bulgaria,  Hungary,  Lithuania, Croatia, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia and Czechia had no excess deaths.  So what could be a link here?  We have very high excess deaths in these westernised countries and in the more Eastern countries lower excess deaths.  Well we have the Bradford Hill criteria to adjudicate on that and we’ve talked about that in the past so I am concerned Netherlands excess deaths January 2024 this is continuing 15.3%.   Denmark 11.5,  Germany 9.9 it’s continuing.  

This is a concern we need to work out what is causing this.  It’s good to see that in Australia, the Senate are going to investigate the causes of excess deaths they’re making no assumptions they’re just going to investigate the cause of excess deaths this needs to happen in all countries around the world in my view and Professor Dagleish’s concerns need to be squashed by The Regulators and we await their response.

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