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How To’s

  • Natural Yoghurt

    How to Make Natural Yoghurt – no yoghurt maker Do I need a yoghurt maker to make home made yoghurt? NO! You don’t need a yoghurt maker to make natural yoghurt at home. All you…

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  • Sourdough Tin Loaf

    Flour A few words about flour. When making any bread, you would normally opt for a strong flour, that is to say that the flour has a high protein content (12-13%) and therefore good gluten.…

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  • Sourdough Starter How to Make

    How to make a Sourdough Starter To make a sourdough starter from scratch (without innoculation(1)) you will need: Jar. A clean medium sized jar Flour. The ideal flour is 100% organic Rye flour. It can…

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  • Sprouting Grains for health

    Sprouting Seeds for Health: A Guide to Sprouting Seeds at Home Sprouting seeds at home is an easy and affordable way to incorporate these nutrient-packed grains into your diet. This means you can have an all year round supply of fresh “greens” even without a garden. You will also increase the nutritional value of seeds…

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