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  • Sourdough Tin Loaf

    Sourdough Tin Loaf

    Flour A few words about flour. When making any bread, you would normally opt for a strong flour, that is to say that the flour has a high protein content (12-13%) and therefore good gluten. Some flour varieties are naturally high in protein an some aren’t. This makes following a recipe quite difficult. A high…

  • Sourdough Starter How to Make

    Sourdough Starter How to Make

    How to make a Sourdough Starter To make a sourdough starter from scratch (without innoculation(1)) you will need: Jar. A clean medium sized jar Flour. The ideal flour is 100% organic Rye flour. It can be done with other flour but it can take longer and has variable results. Water. The water must be either…

  • What is Sourdough?

    What is Sourdough?

    What is Sourdough? Sourdough is naturally leavened bread, which means instead of using a commercial yeast, you “grow” your own starter by fermenting flour and water. Flour contains wild yeasts and bacteria which produces the gas needed for rising the dough. Sourdough bread is also known for it’s tangy flavour and slightly chewy texture. Wild…